I’m sorry I’ve been away a little, trying to juggle a boyfriend, an internship, a house move and a blog is proving to be difficult for little old me, so I thought I’d bring it back with a simple music post. I love music, finding time to discover new bands and listen to some golden oldies is my favourite thing to do. Since coming back from Benicassim festival I’ve started listening to a whole lot of new loves and I thought I’d share my ultimate summer playlist with you, because why not.

Obviously as I’ve mentioned before, Biffy Clyro and Muse were the highlights of my week, both being bands that were on my bucket list so finally seeing them live was surreal.

Since Benicassim was a fairly small festival with a great lineup, you could get to a stage 10-15 minutes before a main act and manage to worm your way straight to the front… which is obligatory if you’re a midget like me. Being directly in front of Simon Neil the first time I’ve ever seen Biffy Clyro was something I’ll never forget.

Catfish and the Bottlemen were also really good, considering they weren’t a main act and were on pretty early, they brought in a huge crowd with a great atmosphere. I managed to get sunstroke on the day they were playing, but I dragged myself out of the tent for an hour to see them before running back to comfort and missing Kendrick Lamar (sobs).

I’ve thrown in a few gems too, I mean… You can’t have an ultimate summer playlist without a few oldies from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Bring Me The Horizon right?

Also, who else loves the new Blink 182 album?! I feel like it’s my favourite yet, big ups to Twenty One Pilots who keep bringing out songs that I can’t help but play on repeat. Ps. let me know if you have a listen to my playlist, thanks for reading!

Pps. I hit 700 followers yay! Expect a giveaway soon!


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