Last weekend, the boyfriend and I were wandering around the Quayside in Newcastle when we came across this cat cafe, “Catpawcino” how adorable is that name? love a good pun! Anyway, long story short I pretty much fell in love with the whole place and I walked away with a loyalty card and a whole lot of plans to visit again. I mean, anyone who knows me will tell you how much I love cats, I find it practically impossible to walk past a cat without saying hello and giving it a little pet, so you can imagine my excitement to stumble across this place.

It’s a fairly small, snug cafe but you can’t miss those adorable cats napping in the window and it gets even better once you step in. The cafe itself is quaint, yet beautifully decorated with shabby-chic mismatch furniture and pretty cat climbing towers, I was impressed before I’d even took in the array of furry friends.

Entry to Catpawcino is £5, which is redeemable for a soft drink, tea or coffee, which really isn’t very bad at all. I mean, getting a drink surrounded by cute little cats.. I’d pay far more in Costa and I definitely wouldn’t get that enjoyment! I’d much rather be spending my time in this cafe trying to make friends. It also goes towards vet bills, food and feline entertainment – so if that doesn’t justify it I don’t know what will. They also serve sandwiches and cakes, which looked pretty tasty.

As far as atmosphere goes, the woman who greeted us was really friendly and welcoming, it was our first time and she had no hesitations explaining everything to us and even gave us some treats to hand out to the kittens. I mean, cats are cats at the end of the day and the majority weren’t really phased by my presence (as much as I wished they were) they much preferred napping and gazing out the windows. But some of them were pretty sociable – especially once you had a few treats or a toy in your hand.

It’s a super relaxing place, getting to sit and drink a coffee, stroke a few cats and listen to peaceful music – there wasn’t anything I could fault. It’s strange, if I went to my friends house just to catch up and stroke their cats it would probably be exactly the same yet for some reason I couldn’t help but be completely overjoyed by this cafe.

The fee is for an hours sitting, which you can understand as the cafe is fairly small and there’s obviously a lot of people who want to experience this, so I’d definitely recommend booking beforehand if you’re planning to go anytime soon.

If you’re ever walking along the Quayside, make sure you stop by! you can access the Catpawcino’s Facebook page here, Thanks for reading x


  1. October 18, 2016 / 9:11 pm

    Oh my lord this place looks absolutely amazing. I love how it looks like a child's nursery but not quite, which makes sense cos cats are basically like children – I should know I have two! As long as the cats are treated well, I am a huge fan of cat cafes!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

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