Meet Jen

the (wo)man, the myth, the legend







Hello internet, I’m Jennifer. A 22 year old content executive ~     (ooh that feels fancy to write).

Whilst learning the ins and outs of fashion pr, journalism, trend and trying to stay afloat with all of my looming deadlines, Velvet Spring was born. I wish there was a really cool backstory behind the title, but it was created in a ‘fashion blog name’ generator. But hey, Post Malone got his trademark through a generator – so that makes it hip n cool, right?

Everything you read on here was crafted with love by either yours truly, or whichever victim I choose to take my photographs (probably Katie, what a trooper).

Although I’m not an expert in any way, shape or form. You can expect to see a lot of beauty reviews, fashion posts and probably the odd ramble about my existential crisis’ and pressing drama queen problems.

if you have any pr related enquiries, questions about my awkward faces when posing or just generally want to say hello, my door (email) is open. take a look at my contact page for more details. thanks for stopping by!